cowork @ me and all
cowork @ me and all
cowork @ me and all
cowork @ me and all

Free 24/7 co-working spaces

Take the time and space you need!

Our co-working spaces are as maximalist as they are minimalistic. In the me and all hotels you will always find the ideal conditions and finest technology for creative interactions and digital working.

We offer you media platforms and co-working spaces right on today’s urban pulse, where you can work brilliantly, free of charge, whenever you want. 

Work. Meet. Connect.

Our free features for you:

  • Fiber optic high-speed internet (wi-fi)
  • Power boxes with sockets
  • Desks with USB slots

Your connection to everyone and everything

Our co-working and meeting spaces are at your service in our lobbies – with all the latest technology.

They are open for locals, for guests, for discussions with interesting people, and for working in a relaxed lifestyle atmosphere; on desks with free high-speed wi-fi and all ports you need.

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