Opening soon me and all hotel düsseldorf - oberkassel

Opening soon ♥

We love what we do in Düsseldorf and we do it again: Düsseldorf is getting a second me and all hotel. We’re going to the left bank of the Rhine to the Hansaallee, directly to Belsenplatz. Pole position in beautiful Oberkassel with 249 fantastic rooms - 190 Business ( 1 with kitchenette), 43 Superior (28 with kitchenette), 16 Superior Studios (all with kitchenette). The me and all hotel düsseldorf-oberkassel will also have best conditions for creative working, AND of course a lounge! Never without.

Here you’ve got the U-Bahn around the corner, it’s also just 15 minutes to the central station and you practically stumble right into city life: clubs, bars, restaurants, shops, boutiques, everything! From Düsseldorf with Love in a double pack ♥ We can hardly wait. 

All facts on one page to print, take away, show around, learn by heart. 


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Tel. +49 211 54014 300

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Tel. +49 211 54014 310

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Tel. +49 211 54014 302

• Hansaallee 1a, 40549 Düsseldorf, directly at Belsenplatz
• U-Bahn- and Bus-Station "Belsenplatz" 100 m 
• Central Station 3,9 km
• City Center / Altstadt (Old Town) 2,5 km
• me and all hotel düsseldorf / Immermannstraße 3,5 km
▪ Autobahn 5 km
▪ Airport 7,7 km
▪ Fairgrounds Düsseldorf 6,3 km
▪ Fairgrounds Cologne 46,7 km


Beautiful Düsseldorf - Oberkassel.

Oberkassel is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Düsseldorf and is bursting with art, scene, life and energy. From here you can reach every corner of Düsseldorf in no time, IF you want to leave Oberkassel at all. Oberkassel is a great village within the village. Here you will find everything, the atmosphere ranges from sophisticated to hip to cozy. 

Our second me and all hotel is located in the very heart of Oberkassel, about 1.5 km from the banks of the Rhine. The view of Düsseldorf's old town is awesome, especially when the Düsseldorfers turn on the lights ♥

It's all about the inner values ♥

Colourful, unusual and thought through down to the smallest detail. In the me and all hotel düsseldorf - oberkassel, unusual pomp without chichi, hand-picked, finest materials and great technique meet to unite in the typical me and all style: The easy and cozy atmosphere of being home away from home.

Great sparkling accents, goldish-crystal clarity, casual-pomp, colourful flowery, redefined luxury in homey-local atmosphere. 

Favorite spots ♥ Happy Everything. Happy You.

Lounge – Livingroom – Bar - Lobby - Coworking Area - Eventspace ♥

Here Düsseldorfers and non-Düsseldorfers, the local heroes and the makers from the neighbourhood are brought together. Just like good friends. To chat, to work, to party, to eat, to philosophize in the smoking lounge. Easy. 

Private and yet connected. For everything we love. 

Rooms and Spaces - Relax as you please.

The huge lounge offers you the freedom you need for socializing and privacy:  

► Flexibility in the coworking area and high-speed WiFi wherever you need it.

► Undisturbed meetings in 2 challenging boardrooms with writable walls and finest technology for up to 10 participants.
►Finest drinks, tasty food, fast snacks, fabulous coffee from the brew bar, marketplace and everything else you might need.

Always on the move, happy at home ♥

We want our rooms not only to convince through design and quality. We want you to feel at ease and happy in them. From morning to evening, all through the night. They are your retreat in the urban jungle. Uncompromisingly cosy with the finest materials and fantastically functional:


• High-speed Wi-Fi in every room •Minibar included • 43“ TV • Chromecast • USB ports • Sky programs •

Think Coffee!

Fair trade and Organic. Feel good about your morning cup!

Our Coffee Experts "Rösterei VIER Dusseldorf" source the great coffees, grown by farmers they know personally. They care about environment, community and trade with prices above the usual Fairtrade level. Acquiring these socially and environmentally sustainable coffees ensures high quality in your cup and fair prices for hard, dedicated work. Enjoy!

Vier Kaffee | me and all hotel düsseldorf

We love details. And Tanja and Nora.

It's all about the great little things ♥

Early starts who wants to become good mood magician ♥

all4design - The family business - managed by the sisters Tanja Hellmann and Nora Lemke.

They have accompanied us from the very beginning and are making us happy every day with their wonderful flower power. We are talking about Tanja and Nora aka all4design. The Düsseldorf family business has been designing and realising corporate and private events of all coleur for over 26 years. And at me and all düsseldorf they take care of the many small, beautiful details. Highly personally and however small the artwork, it is 100% handmade. 

From Düsseldorf with lots of love ♥ Thank you Tanja und Nora ♥

The cult of bread and the legend of Josef.

Love your breakfast.

We’re mad about good food in general and good bread in particular. On Hohe Straße in the heart of Dusseldorf, Josef Hinkel runs the bakery that has been in his family for four generations, dedicating himself to the craft of bread-making. We think it’s the best bread in the city, so we approached Josef and now he looks after all things bread-related at me and all. Which is fantastic news for everyone who knows a good breakfast when they see one. And it’s just as good in the evening.

Hinkel | me and all hotel düsseldorf

Allez Fortuna, Fortuna Dusseldorf. Allez.

"Oh Fortuna, so beautiful, we travel everywhere just to see you, and when you play and when you win, the tribunes rages, for we are all deep in love."

When it comes to Fortuna we are great singer-songwriters. No matter what the voice. It’s love. It is that simple. For our football team Fortuna we would sing always and everywhere. We love our Local Heroes and are tightly knit with our F95. As sponsors and loyal fans. We are Düsseldorf. We are Fortuna. Forever ♥ And Fortuna simply belongs to our living room on the 11th floor once in a while. As friends and sometimes even as event organizer.

All we need is love and Fortuna.



We love our home town Düsseldorf and our great Ice Hockey Team DEG. And - of course - we can shout out loud various DEG fan songs.

"Where is the first goal, the first goal, the first goal, where is the first goal, the first goal?" 

Ever heard us? We are fans fans fans by heart and sponsoring partner of our icy local heroes DEG from the ISS DOME. More than 80 years of ice cold experience and the greatest ice hockey club in the world. The DEG is cult. And we always love to welcome our DEG guys in our lounge.

We love home games.


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