City souls with urban attitude ♥

me and all hotels are always most centrally located and by heart tightly wired with their city's local heroes. Urban design in love with urban areas, high quality, fabulous details, the finest technology and a big-city living room in which everyone is welcome to pop in and connect. me and all hotels are never modest. But they're always outrageously cozy, welcoming and genuine. They are the souls of their city. Always ready to celebrate life with you.



me and all x spieleabend 

Let's play games ❤

Choose your game +++ 18:00 - 23:00 hrs +++


me and all x wohnzimmerkonzert 

Authentic. Extraordinary. BAHAR. What a woman!

+++ 20:00 hrs +++


me and all x feierabend 


To the moon and back tonight +++ 18:00 hrs +++


me and all x feierabend 

PHIL PHADER is in the house.

After work party +++ 18:00 hrs +++


me and all x feierabend 

Mr. Nice Guy is here ❤

+++ 18:00 Uhr +++ at the lounge +++


me and all x wohnzimmerkonzert 

DAN O'CLOCK - When the playlist strikes all the right chords

+++ 20:00 hrs +++


me and all x feierabend 


+++ 18:00 hrs +++ at the 11. floor +++

So good, you won't want to get out.

me and all hotels are always your home away from home and perfect destination to dive into city. In cosy, effortlessly stylish, high quality rooms, in ingenious co-working spaces, in fabulous event lounges and in urban lobbies. At me and all hotels you can kick back and truly relax. We always make sure you 

remember to slow down and to enjoy yourself. As passionate urban players, we merge the local scene and the goods from the hoods with our hotels Authentic and jovial, in the beat of the city. We have created spaces for snugness and networking, for travellers and non-travellers and for fine living room events.

Every me and all hotel is a declaration of love for its city, its neighbourhood, its local heroes and its guests. And we’re always right where you need us to be.

The good from the hood.

Superheroes are great.

They're everywhere. In every city. Every neighborhood. And every me and all hotel. We are always tightly wired with the local heroes of our city to present their art on our stages, to conjure their cookery on your plates and their mixing skills in your glasses. And to catapult them joyfully right into your hearts. We love traditions and we love the cutting-edge trends. And we love our cities and their superheroes.

me and all hotels happen wherever they are.

In our bars and lounges, travellers and non-travellers come together at fabulous events, cosy living room concerts, relaxed sounds, good drinks and delicious food. At me and all hotels you can enjoy the heartbeat of a city without stepping outside. The good from the hood? Always with us.

Find the good from the hood ♥ at me and all hotels.  

Lounge and Lobby and Local Heroes.

Kitchen. Bar. Events. Entertainment. And You ♥

What we do is me and all. And that's why our lobbies are pop-up eventspace, homy lounge, bar & kitchen and check-in & out area at the same time. They are your space and living room in your city. Together with our local heroes, we spread urban vibes and create experiences with lots of love and passion for details.

Living room concerts and afterworks in relaxed lounge atmosphere. Tastings from Bar & Kitchen among friends. Art & Culture from the neighbourhood. You and all with an extra portion of urban inspiration.



Even rockstars love us. Just saying.

Welcome at me and all hotels. Great to have you here.


Fabulous spaces that allow you to work when ever you want to.


The character of our co-working spaces is as maximized as it is minimalistic. In the me and all hotels you will always find optimal conditions and finest technology for creative exchange and digital work processes. We offer great media platforms and awfully good co-working spaces in which work turns into fun and ideas flow marvellously.

Work whenever you want. Lifestyle for digital natives. Think big. Stay focused. Forget unicorns. Be magic. 


In good sounds we trust. And in elbsilber ♥

Have you ever wondered why the music in the me and all hotels sounds so good? How nice and important good sound zones are, you only notice when you are in them. And it only feels and sounds really great when everything is right. That's why we let our superheroes elbsilber create our music.  The experienced team consisting of musicologists, music producers and DJs provides us with the finest sound everywhere. We love music!

And we love it even more, when it doesn't just sound outstanding. The program has to be perfect, too. That's why we let the elbsilber professionals put it together with love and passion for you. Whether at breakfast or in the evening at the bar. Instead of uninpressive "background music", we sometimes like to turn up a few decibels, because what the musicboxDLX from elbsilber plays would be simply too good ,to be whispered to your ears.

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