The good from the hood The whole city in your hotel

Real superheroes just for you!

Whether in Düsseldorf, Hanover, Mainz, Kiel or Ulm; they are everywhere to be found. In every hood.

Our Local Heroes that make the city special. So lovably livable. So intoxicatingly unique. So fascinatingly inspiring. We have a very special connection with them and get them up on our stage for you.

They conjure a smile to your face, a song in your heart, a tingle on your tongue, a new style for your head or cool beats for your dancing shoes. Enjoy the surprise, and let them inspire you!

me and all special selection

We show you how uniquely each me and all city ticks, feels, tastes, smells and sounds – even before you leave the hotel. So you can soak up the spirit of the hood in all its multifaceted glory.

To help us do so, we present to you our local superheroes, preferred partners and products. Always new. Always fascinating. Our special selection from the fields of music creative art, fashion, sports, food and drinks.

Each me and all hotel has its very own Local Heroes.
Check them out! And check yourself in!

Our Local Heroes.
Awaiting you in....

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