How digital do you want to be?

We at me and all love our neighborhood, our local heroes, good living room stories, great events and smart digital solutions! Just like you, we love everything that reaches our devices fast and smoothly, everything that is brandnew and most of all everything that works just perfect.

In all me and all hotels we follow the principle "How digital do you want to be? We are only satisfied when you are. YES, we are bit technology-driven and have been from the very me-and-all-beginning. We don't digitize, we are quite digital! And we love snugness, too.


So with us, you are always as digital as you want to be.

Level Up.

  • Fast, free Fiberglas Wi-Fi in all rooms and all other rooms and spaces in all me and all hotels.
  • Subwoofer and Smart TVs with Netflix, Watchever and Amazon Instant Video (bring your own device) via AirPlay & Screen Mirroring.
  • Digital online check-in and check-out. So you have more time to chat with us.
  • Superb sound and guest-hand-picked music in all public areas with the musicboxDLX from elbsilber.
  • Powerful sound systems for your events and after-work parties.
  • Ideal conditions for digital natives in all coworking spaces and boardrooms for creative glamour and glory: High speed Wi-Fi, audio system, Smart Cap whiteboard, large conference tables with power boxes and USB slots.

We use Telekom's e-mail security solution, which operates the service from the cloud in the highly secure data centers according to German data protection laws and protects the me and all hotels network with a strict firewall.

Together with Deutsche Telekom and creative start-ups, we will continue to expand our offerings for you. We are constantly on the lookout for new digital mind blowers, such as artificial intelligence or cool bots, to inspire you even more often ♥

You. Us. Fits.